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Start enjoying your rides out in the bush


Not a serious rider, but you would like to have a safe and reliable horse that you can take out?

No problem, our trail package is made for you.


There is plenty of forest surrounding the ranch and an endless amount of tracks. We are in the perfect location to take your horse bush.


Your horse will learn to:

- be comfortable out by himself

- ride in a group 

- negotiate obstacles like logs and ditches

- walk, trot and canter on a loose rein

- not rush home

- happily to leave the property

This package is also great to put some extra miles on a young horse or to get a horse back into work. 

Cost: $300 per week 

Time: min of 2 weeks


Enquire about our trail package for your horse.

Ground work with horses
Training horses in Western Australia
Back to work


Perfect manners on the ground to create a calm, safe and respectful horse.

Green Horse Training

In 4 - 6 weeks your youngster will learn the next stages of his ridden training. Great package for just started horses.

Back to Work

4 weeks program to get your horse back in work after a spell or injury. Gradual build up of work and feed.

Horse Trainer

Confidence Training

Water crossings, logs, bridge, seasaw, desensitising, your horse will get real confident after these weeks.

Re educating standardbreds

Re-Training SB & OTTB

4- 6 week training program to transform your horse into a riding mount.

Horse Training packages
Horse training packages

Behavioural Training

4 - 6 weeks program that will get rid of bucking, rearing and any other unwanted bahaviour.

Advanced Training

For horses that need to be brought to the next level of riding. Get your collection and laterals happening.

Reining Trainer


Have your horse trained by the 6 time winner of the WARHA OPEN reining buckle.

"Took Bailey out on her first trail ride with me, she was amazing didn't care about any of the wild life or even the trucks that had to pass us on the way to the bush so happy to be out doing stuff with my girl. You guys did an amazing job with her."

- Rashael