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Look at this well trained horse😀

Elizabeth Bremner

Tales of the Trail Western Ranch

"Thank you. Hydeout Matt worked like a dream in all four elements. Won the timetrial & Working Stockhorse. 4th in the Hack & 3rd overall in the Novice challenge. Some of the tips you've shared with me really helped Monique. Will be down for some more refining ready for my next event."


Debbie Reeve

Tales of the Trail Western Ranch

"Asim and I finishing the 25km ride at Manjimup Horseman’s Club Endurance Ride on Saturday. He vetted through fine and we both pulled up perfectly the next day.
Thank you so much for giving me my confidence back."

Kerry Smart

Tales of the Trail Western Ranch

"Hi Monique,

Beginning of the year I sent Ruby down for her to be broken in by you, she was an ex pacer chestnut mare approx 10yrs.
Well I have had someone riding her and doing work with her, they have expressed how well and how please the work that you and Erwin did with Ruby and stated that you did a wonderful job.

Thank you for the fantastic work you did with my horse.

Kind regards Debbie Donnachy"

Tales of the Trail Western Ranch

Hi Monique and Erwin,


Jake has been doing well since he came home.  He's very well mannered and grown up from his time with Erwin.


After letting him settle in to his new paddock, I have ridden him around the paddock at the weekends when I'm home, then took him out for his first little bush ride with Karen on Amani before Christmas.


In the paddock he went well as I got to know him, mostly walk and trot. He was still getting used to his saddle in a canter, with a bit of an arched back and mini buck to start, but nothing severe. 


In the Bush he is nicely forward and happy to lead ahead of Karen and Amani. A few spooks and snorts but always continues on after a few seconds to gather himself again. After 15 mins or so he settles down and is quite relaxed. I took him out again yesterday and had a great time. 


Thanks again to both of you for your time and wisdom in Jake's education. I'm so glad we found you guys.


Take care.


Steve Petty

Huge thanks to Erwin and Monique for the work you did with our boy Marbling Galaxy back in May. He has now completed his first two endurance rides and is an absolutely beautiful horse to ride and to handle.


Susie Anderson

Tales of the Trail Western Ranch

A huge THANK YOU to yourself and Erwin for coming and giving us such a rewarding and knowledgable clinic and day. We learnt so much and already Noni is a very different horse.

I rode her yesterday morning and went through everything you and Erwin taught us and she remembered everything (as did I haha).

I am very excited to send Noni down and being educated by Erwin to become a wonderful riding horse and eventually get is both into some western riding shows. 

We loved the clinic so much Steph and I was wondering if you would be willing to come and do another one if it suits your schedule.


Terry pirlo

Thank you both so much for my lovely visit to see Halo today, I am so pleased with the work that has gone into her, from detangling her tail (lol) thru to the fantastic job of keeping me updated with great piccies, love the ones from today... I specially like the "air brakes" that have been vested into her .... I have booked myself in for a lesson myself with Erwin so that I can make fully use of all he has taught her.... thanku both and see you on the 9th november ...


Julie Barker

An update on Rubee; Col my daughter has been riding and training her in Kojonup. Rubee hasn't put a foot wrong and is a pleasure to handle, train and ride. She competed in the 40km endurance event last weekend her first ever and she was outstanding, very well behaved even when 5km into the ride a lose horse on course galloped towards her in a panic. Col said Rubee got upset about it but came back down quickly after horse passed and finished the ride without incident, passing all the vet checks. We are over the moon with her and plan her first 80km for Capel ride next week she has recovered so well after Bridgetown. Then she will go for a holiday with the herd until next year. Thankyou and Erwin for your help and patients with Rubee it has paid off big time, she is now out competing and being educated. Her working life is in full swing and I couldn't be happier. Take care until we catch-up or you guys run an "endurance ride" just a thought!!  


Cheers, Deb Ryan"

Lucy is fantastic, we are so very pleased with what you guys have done with her. She is a real little super star in the making. My daughter loves riding her, and Lucy is so good with maddison and takes good care of her little rider. Ronee thinks she is great fun too haha.


Thanks again for the fantastic work you have done with our little girl. Have recommended you to all our friends.


Emma Greengrass

Hi Monique


Horse is going really well! Worked him Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday and each day he was perfect. He has settled really well to.

I have posted a video of me riding him to your Facebook page. I have really gotten used to him already and have been figuring him out :-)

I'm so pleased with him.


Thankyou to you and Erwin for all your work :) xxx


Tilly Holton

Just a Fred update! He has been going wonderful. I did a big 10km ride with four other horses on Friday and he was perfect but they were bit fast paced for me so when were on our stretch home I told them to go ahead without me. Fred got a little besides himself but settled down quite quickly. I took him to ARC yesterday and he was perfect. We have sorted out our mounting issues :-) now just to find/make something portable to take with me to places. He is just such a laid back chilled out horse I am so glad I over come my issues with him. I am looking forward to what the future holds for us.

Natasha Burgess

Been a few years on now and Freckles is doing really well. I missed a few months of riding due to work commitments and she started right back where we left off. She is really good to ride and still very sensitive so even though I don’t ride as regularly as I had hoped she is always well behaved.

More proof that you and Erwin did a thorough and fantastic job in giving her the best start possible under saddle. 

As you know she wont be breaking any speed records but she is safe and reliable. She is my best friend and spending time with her in or out of the saddle is time enjoyed by both of us.

Warm Regards, Valetta Roberts and Freckles

Vada is doing so well, so willing to learn and gentle. We are doing a fair bit of flat work to improve his balance but I'm just so proud of him. Have taken him down to the estuary and adult riders. He is such a good boy, so gorgeous. I can't thank you both for the awesome job you did starting him. I don't think he would have turned out half as good if he went to anyone else.

Thank you so so much.
Donna Bell

Thank you, I can't tell you how happy I am with Nugget. I took him out yesterday by himself and then again today with Norm and Illy. He has been great. I have been testing all his buttons and making lots of movements and has done it all very well. I even had a canter on him yesterday.

Funny he seems very secure in his surroundings never feels like he is going to shy or anything he is just scared in his personal space.

I also think he is much more settled. He has been easy to catch and even came up to the fence to meet me last night.
Thank you so much for all the work you did with him I am very grateful.

Sandra Hall