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for standardbreds and thoroughbreds


We love to work with thoroughbreds and standardbreds that just come off the track.


These horses have been trained and bred a certain way to perform a very specific task. What we will do is tell them to forget their former life and discover a whole different world of riding and interacting with people.

Depending on the horse you can see them grow day by day. Often they come in nervous and have little tell tales like chewing and holding the bit, pacing, jigjoggin etc. We work a lot with their minds to calm them down. Then we work on their body to be soft, more flexible and excepting.  

Both breeds have different needs in the training, which we will accomodate. Where the thoroughbreds often need more softness in their mouth and being less responsive and nervous, the standardbred will need more flexibility and bodywork to get his gaites more pure. 

Talk to us about what we can do for your horse, as they are all different. Some will need more time to be retrained then others.

Cost: 4 week package $1400, 6 week package $1950

Time: 4 - 6 weeks


Enquire about your standard or thoroughbred.

Ground work with horses
Training horses in Western Australia


Perfect manners on the ground to create a calm, safe and respectful horse.

Green Horse Training

In 4 - 6 weeks your youngster will learn the next stages of his ridden training. Great package for just started horses.

Back to Work

4 weeks program to get your horse back in work after a spell or injury. Gradual build up of work and feed.

Trail Ride

Trail Package

Get your horse out and about. 5 rides in the bush per week and a trail ride at pick up.

Training horses in Western Australia

Confidence Training

Water crossings, logs, bridge, seasaw, desensitising, your horse will get real confident after these weeks.

Re training

Behavioural Training

4 - 6 weeks program that will get rid of bucking, rearing and any other unwanted bahaviour.

Horse training packages

Advanced Training

For horses that need to be brought to the next level of riding. Get your collection and laterals happening.

Reining Trainer


Have your horse trained by the 6 time winner of the WARHA OPEN reining buckle.

"Beginning of the year I sent Ruby down for her to be broken in to saddle by you. Ruby was an ex pacer chestnut mare approx 10yrs. I have had someone ride her and they have expressed how well she goes and stated that you did a wonderful job.
Thank you for the fantastic work you did with my horse."

- Debbie