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Your horse's education starts on the ground


A good relationship with your horse starts on the ground. If your horse doesn't respect you here, why would he do so in the saddle?


Every young horse needs to learn how to behave on the ground around humans. They need to learn the rules of what to expect in the horse - man relationship. This starts with trust, clear boundaries and willingness to work together. 

We work with youngsters that are unbroken, wild horses and older horses that have been getting away with things.  

Erwin works on:

- catching

- standing still while grooming and saddling

- moving away from pressure

- join up

- picking up feet

- desensitising

- leading

- personal space

- manners at feeding time

- washing

- rugging

and if you need float loading.

The goal of our groundwork training is to create a calm, safe, respectful and happy horse. 

Cost: $300 per week 

Time: around 2 weeks


Enquire about groundwork training for your horse.

Young horse training
Bring your horse back into work
Horse Training
Training horses in Western Australia
Horse Training
Horse Training packages
Horse training packages
Reining Training

Green Horse Training

In 4 - 6 weeks your youngster will learn the next stages of his ridden training. Great package for just started horses.

Back to Work

4 weeks program to get your horse back in work after a spell or injury. Gradual build up of work and feed.

Trail Package

Get your horse out and about. 5 rides in the bush per week and a trail ride at pick up.

Confidence Training

Water crossings, logs, bridge, seasaw, desensitising, your horse will get real confident after these weeks.

Re-Training SB & OTTB

4- 6 week training program to transform your horse into a riding mount.

Behavioural Training

4 - 6 weeks program that will get rid of bucking, rearing and any other unwanted bahaviour.

Advanced Training

For horses that need to be brought to the next level of riding. Get your collection and laterals happening.


Have your horse trained by the 6 time winner of the WARHA OPEN reining buckle.

"Millie has just arrived safe and sound. I went out and spent a bit of time with her. Caught her, brushed her, picked feet. Just had a bit of a play, no dramas. 

Millie has been great. Very happy with her.

Thanks very much for that."

- Vennessa