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Has anybody ever told you you should lean forward when a horse goes uphill and lean backward when a horse goes downhill? Well they are wrong, never lean!

You always want to be balanced in the saddle. In this case 'balance' means you want to stay in a 90 degree angle wit...

Just a short concept today. Reins as indicators.

To me reins are just indicators, they indicate your intensions to the horse. They don't actually make the horse do something, that is what your seat and legs are for. Lots of riders use the reins to pull their horses arou...

If I put both legs on my horse when it is standing still, I want it to move forward. How many cues do you need to make your horse go forward? Do you put your legs on, say “walk on” and push forward with your seat? Why do you need 3 cues to get one thing happening? To e...

How many people do you see riding that constantly look at their horse? There are a couple of things wrong with this. For one you focus your energy down, not forward. Your shoulders point downward and you put weight on the front end of your horse. You also rely on your...

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Never lean, always balance.

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