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Make sure your horse is safe to ride


Bucking, rearing, biting, kicking, all behaviour that you don't want from your horse.


If you have a horse that shows any of the above behaviour, you want to rule out physical problems first. No amount of training will help if a horse is in pain. So before you book your horse in for behavioural training, you need to get a vet check.

The second thing you need to do is be honest with yourself; "when I get this horse back from the trainer, am I able to give this horse a fresh start." If the answer is no, you are better off looking for a different horse. You will need to give the horse a fair chance to prove to you that it changed and doesn't show the unwanted behaviour anymore. If you can't do this, your relationship will quickly go to the point where it was before the training. 

We worked with lots of horses that showed unwanted behaviour. In our experience it is usually a misunderstanding in communication that makes the horse unwilling to cooperate with the rider. This can be fixed by setting clear boundaries, make things black and white. The horse needs to find out what behaviour is acceptable and what is not. Wanted behaviour will be rewarded and there are consequences for unwanted behaviour. Consistency and routine will go a long way. 

Cost: 4 week package $1400, 6 week package $1950

Time: 4 - 6 weeks

Ground work with horses
Training horses in Western Australia
Trail ride
Training horses in Western Australia


Perfect manners on the ground to create a calm, safe and respectful horse.

Green Horse Training

In 4 - 6 weeks your youngster will learn the next stages of his ridden training. Great package for just started horses.

Back to Work

4 weeks program to get your horse back in work after a spell or injury. Gradual build up of work and feed.

Trail Package

Get your horse out and about. 5 rides in the bush per week and a trail ride at pick up.

Confidence Training

Water crossings, logs, bridge, seasaw, desensitising, your horse will get real confident after these weeks.

Re-Training SB & OTTB

4- 6 week training program to transform your horse into a riding mount.

Enquire about behavioural training for your horse.

Horse training packages

Advanced Training

For horses that need to be brought to the next level of riding. Get your collection and laterals happening.

REining trainer


Have your horse trained by the 6 time winner of the WARHA OPEN reining buckle.

"I thought I would give you an update on Class. Well so far so good. He really hasn't put a foot wrong. After my last email I rode him again with no problem. I was a little surprised as there was no buck even in the canter.
Occasionally there is a little glint of defiance in his eye but I think he realises he is a lot happier working with us rather than against us. I think Class has shown that your principal of letting the horse work things out for himself without force and restraint is the most positive form of training.  Class is definitely more confident and happier in himself."
- Carolyn